About Us

Hi! And thanks for visiting our blog! This page is a little bit about us and why exactly it is that we’re keeping a blog.

We’re Liz and John (okay, really, it’s just Liz here, but the new wife in me always wants to use the “we” form). We’re newlyweds as of September 2013 (woop, woop!) and we’re in the Foreign Service (okay, really, it’s just John who’s in the Foreign Service, but again, the new wife is peeping through again). After several years of talking about it, planning for it, applying to it and wading through the process, John was formally accepted as a successful convert from the Civil Service to the Foreign Service. This blog is intended to document for ourselves, our family and really anyone that wants to read it, our journey through this life – marriage, the foreign service and whatever else the Lord may throw our way.

A couple important things to note about our blog. The opinions/expressions/beliefs written here are of our own and ours alone; not of that of the United States of America, the US Department of State or the US Foreign Service. It is our goal to share with you our life abroad, but please understand that safety and security is most important, so we may be prohibited from including specific details you may be curious about.

And lastly, why is the title of our blog ‘foreigniron’? Welp, for starters, it’s a blog. Blogs = catchy, unique, meaningless names. Except, ours isn’t exactly meaningless. We wanted a name that defined us. From Proverbs 27.17, ‘iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another.’ This concept of sharpening iron comes into play in every aspect of our life. As we’re starting this incredible journey overseas, we’re doing so as newlyweds, so we’re prepared for many of those sharpening sessions – the good, the bad and the ugly – eep! Marriage = sharpening iron. Evenmore, the concept of diplomacy {the very reason why thousands of Foreign Service employees and their families leave their beloved America behind and take up life in a new world} is to manage the relationship between our country and our host country. We learn from them. They learn from us. Together, we make the world a better place. Diplomacy = sharpening iron. And finally, our life’s purpose, to know and follow Christ Jesus, is made up of interaction and interaction and interaction. Interaction with Him. Interaction with His creation. Interaction with His people. We pray that through this journey of life, the Lord sharpen us and use us to sharpen others; all to His glory.


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